Hello, we’re Craig and Steve, co-founders of Learn the Web.

We’re both convinced that there’s a better way to prepare you for a job in the Creative & Digital Industries than the traditional education system. And having worked inside that system for donkey’s year – and grown more and more frustrated by it – we’re relishing the opportunity to teach people the way we think they want to be taught, and to get them the jobs that they want.

Our philosophy, unlike many other boot camp-like courses, is that it’s not just about learning to code. Creative & Digital is a diverse sector, with many job opportunities, and having a range of skills is a real advantage to your employability. Digital marketers benefit from knowing some code; developers benefit from knowing design principles and so on. It’s often described as having  ‘T-shaped’ skills: the vertical bar of the ‘T’ is the depth of your core skill, and the arms of the ‘T’ are your ability to work across other related disciplines.

We’re passionate about employability and don’t think you want to pay eye-watering fees unless there’s an excellent chance you’ll get a job at the end of it. That’s the problem with university – vastly increased course fees mean that it’s not about students anymore – it’s about the money they ‘generate’. And employability is incidental.

With our [re]start course, employability is the be-all and end-all.

We’ve got a lot of experience of education and the Creative & Digital Industries. A lot. So much so, that if we put a figure on it you’d think we’re past our sell-by dates! But seriously, we’ve been doing this all our working lives and have a considerable amount of knowledge and skills to share.

Here’s what we’ve got to say about each other:


Back in the day, I met Craig when he walked into my office to interview for the university course I ran. He had something about him and was always destined for bigger things. He duly enrolled on the course, passed it, and went onto co-found his own Digital Agency – Genius Division – at a ridiculously young age.

Fast forward a decade or so and he now does something called ‘Extreme Production’, which from the outside seems to be a licence to start lots of onerous challenges and not finish them all. He still has Genius Division and now has Learn the Web too.

So, Craig keeps himself busy – although he claims he’s not actually as busy as it appears – and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. And that’s an advantage in our line of work because things are always changing and you’ve got to be a self-starter.

I think the point I’m trying to make is that if you’re serious about getting a job in our industry, I can’t think of many better people to be in the hands of. He’s been there; done that;  is well connected; and is motivated to ‘give something back’ – a rare quality in this day and age. He’s the reason I’m writing this now: one of a very small group of people who I’d consider running this sort of business with.

Steve [by Craig]

Back on that same day, I walked into the room and was faced with Steve. Somehow both intense and friendly at the same time, I immediately got the impression that I would be in safe hands if I did his course.

I ended up doing that course, and Steve opened my eyes to a world of design and web that I’d never even knew existed. I don’t want to make this soppy and over-the-top, but I owe my career to Steve. There’s many others lined up behind me that would say the same thing.

I’ve always been amazed—and still are to this day—by Steve’s unwavering pursuit to teach creative education properly. In 12 years of being in this industry I haven’t found another person with the same obsession. Since he asked me to help him teach his university course, he’s since equipped me with the same obsession.

Steve’s managed to do what most others can’t: take all the best bits from traditional education but still realise the limitations of it and have a passion to change it.

Now I’ve finally persuaded him to step out of traditional education so we can team up and do something that’s truly creative and digital education done properly, I’m very excited that you’re going to be getting the benefit of it.