Craig Burgess

Craig is creative director and co-founder of Genius Division, a branding and digital agency whose clients include Nomad Atelier, Brass Bands England, Barnsley College and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Craig is a public speaker, podcaster and writer on design, entrepreneurship and creativity.

He has 12 years’ experience in the Creative & Digital Industries and 7 years’ experience teaching and lecturing at higher education level.

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Steve Smith

Steve has 30 years’ experience in the Creative & Digital Industries, including 10 as a graphic designer and 20 as a lecturer.

He is creator and former leader of FdA Web Design, a successful higher education web design programme, which achieved six continuous years of 100% student employment.

He has worked with numerous universities and specialises in graduate employability.

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Learn the Web

We’re both convinced that there’s a better way to prepare you for a job in the Creative & Digital Industries than the traditional education system. And having worked inside that system for donkey’s year – and grown more and more frustrated by it – we’re relishing the opportunity to teach people the way we think they want to be taught, and to get them the jobs that they want.

Our philosophy, unlike many other boot camp-like courses, is that it’s not just about learning to code. Creative & Digital is a diverse sector, with many job opportunities, and having a range of skills is a real advantage to your employability. Digital marketers benefit from knowing some code; developers benefit from knowing design principles and so on. It’s often described as having  ‘T-shaped’ skills: the vertical bar of the ‘T’ is the depth of your core skill, and the arms of the ‘T’ are your ability to work across other related disciplines.

We’re passionate about employability and don’t think you want to pay eye-watering fees unless there’s an excellent chance you’ll get a job at the end of it. That’s the problem with university – vastly increased course fees mean that it’s not about students anymore – it’s about the money they ‘generate’. And employability is incidental.

With our [re]start course, employability is the be-all and end-all.

We’ve got a lot of experience of education and the Creative & Digital Industries. We’ve been doing this all our working lives. We’d like to share our knowledge and skills with you.