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Who I am

Hello, my name is Craig. I’m in my 30s, I live in Barnsley, I own 2 cats called Barry and Kate, and I have ginger hair. These are the simplest facts to understand about me.

I’m a designer, a marketer, a WordPress expert and a teacher. I also love cats, enjoy lifting weights, tolerate going on long walks in the rubbish English weather and I’m partial to a good video game.

When I’m not teaching with Learn the Web I’m running Genius Division, the branding and digital agency I set up in 2010.

When I’m not doing that, I’m writing stuff, podcasting about stuff or designing stuff on my website.

When I’m not doing that, I’m recreationally choking people in a martial art called Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

I also like giving talks to audiences about design, creativity and technology. They’re frequently daft and occasionally informational. A bit like when I live-tweeted a magic trick in the middle of a web design conference.

I have a thing for challenges and seeing what I can (and can’t) achieve. Over the years I’ve made a million stupid things, such as designing a poster every day for 365 days, taking a photo every day for 365 days, designing 100 logos in 100 days, podcasting for 365 days.

I think you can see the pattern here.

I have a huge passion for teaching, and I genuinely believe that learning digital skills can completely transform lives. I’m always looking to make people’s lives better by teaching them the digital skills they need, and I get a kick out of seeing people improve. I always enjoy passing my knowledge on to others and I feel lucky that I get to do this for a job.

What Steve said about me

For some stupid reason, I asked Steve to write something about me. Surprisingly he wrote this:

Back in the day, I met Craig when he walked into my office to interview for the university course I ran. He had something about him and was always destined for bigger things. He duly enrolled on the course, passed it, and went onto co-found his own Digital Agency – Genius Division – at a ridiculously young age.

Fast forward a decade or so and he now does something called ‘Extreme Production’, which from the outside seems to be a licence to start lots of onerous challenges and not finish them all. He still has Genius Division and now has Learn the Web too.

So, Craig keeps himself busy – although he claims he’s not actually as busy as it appears – and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. And that’s an advantage in our line of work because things are always changing and you’ve got to be a self-starter.

I think the point I’m trying to make is that if you’re serious about getting a job in our industry, I can’t think of many better people to be in the hands of. He’s been there; done that;  is well connected; and is motivated to ‘give something back’ – a rare quality in this day and age. He’s the reason I’m writing this now: one of a very small group of people who I’d consider running this sort of business with.