Hi there, I’m Steve, the publicity-shy half of Learn the Web. I’m not as gregarious as the other half, which is why I volunteered him to be the front man of the business!

I’ve worked in Creative & Digital all my grown-up life, firstly as a journeyman Graphic Designer and latterly as Programme Leader of the UK’s most successful web design degree.

I developed a course that, over a six year period, helped all of its students get a job – 100% of them – which is pretty much unprecedented in Higher Education circles. Some of those students are now far-flung – the States, Canada, China – and some are so close I can see them in the very building Learn the Web are based.

My role in Learn the Web – as well as teaching the more creative elements of the course – is to guarantee that we reach the highest content and delivery standards. That means doing more writing than I’d like.

I’m reluctantly on the web in a few places, but I’m not a willing self-publicist and prefer to share my wisdom in person, rather through mass media. Also, if you see a photograph of me on this page, it’s against my wishes and Craig has put it there!

I’m a big armchair sports fan; a collector of things; a seeker of order; a cat person; and gained a degree of notoriety in my last job for being able to wear a different football shirt every day for more than a year.

What Craig said about me

Craig felt obliged to reciprocate the bio I wrote about him. This is what he said:

Back on that same day, I walked into the room and was faced with Steve. Somehow both intense and friendly at the same time, I immediately got the impression that I would be in safe hands if I did his course.

I ended up doing that course, and Steve opened my eyes to a world of design and web that I’d never even knew existed. I don’t want to make this soppy and over-the-top, but I owe my career to Steve. There’s many others lined up behind me that would say the same thing.

I’ve always been amazed—and still are to this day—by Steve’s unwavering pursuit to teach creative education properly. In 12 years of being in this industry I haven’t found another person with the same obsession. Since he asked me to help him teach his university course, he’s since equipped me with the same obsession.

Steve’s managed to do what most others can’t: take all the best bits from traditional education but still realise the limitations of it and have a passion to change it.

Now I’ve finally persuaded him to step out of traditional education so we can team up and do something that’s truly creative and digital education done properly, I’m very excited that you’re going to be getting the benefit of it.