Learn the Web's Code School

We started Learn the Web to help more people get into coding. And whilst code clubs for kids have been around for a while now, there probably needs to be something for grown ups too!

So we’ve created ‘Code School for Grown Ups’ as a gentle introduction to the easiest coding languages to learn – HTML and CSS – which just happen to be the building blocks of websites too.

We know that learning new skills – particularly computer-based ones – can be a bit daunting, so this is a relaxed and light-hearted journey into coding, led by our expert tutors, Craig and Steve. You’ll learn:

  • a bit about the history of the web;
  • how to use HTML [Hypertext Markup Language] to define the structure and content of a website;
  • how to use CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] to control how that content looks;
  • why computer snobs don’t even think that using HTML and CSS is proper coding … but we disagree;
  • how to make the first web page ever published – created Sir Tim Berners-Lee – your first web page will be the first web page;
  • how to code you own site and upload it to the web.

Join our coding school, learn the basics and who knows where it might lead!

Who is this course for?

Code School for Grown Ups is for anybody and everybody. No prior knowledge is needed – you just need a bit of patience.

Perhaps you want to satisfy your curiosity and see what all the fuss is about, or maybe you have a web project in mind and want some help to get started? Code School for Grown Ups is also suitable if you’re considering our [re]start programme and want to dip your toes in the water first.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure about anything or have further questions.

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