What kind of attitude do I need?

We’d like you to be focussed on getting a job in the Creative & Digital Industries and able to commit the time and resources to achieve that. We’d like you to be curious and enthusiastic about the potential of digital media. We’d like you to be attentive and have the capacity to soak up knowledge like a sponge, but also the independence to work autonomously – setting your own targets – when necessary. We’d like you to be resilient. We’d like you to be capable of having a laugh.

Do I need to be able to code or design before I apply?

Whilst we don’t require previous experience for you to join [re]start, it’s a good indicator to us that you’re passionate and willing to learn if you’ve explored your ability to code and design before you join us.

Sites like Codecademy offer a range of free learning materials that allow you get a flavour for coding before you join us for your first interview.

If you have a portfolio or any previous work that you’ve done before—no matter how small it seems to you—please show us it when you meet us. Anything you’ve done previously helps us to work out what kind of experience level you’re at before you join us.

Do I need to be good at maths?

No, but the ability to do some basic mental arithmetic – or use a calculator – always helps.

When are the next start dates?

We list the next start date on the top of the [re]start page.

Will I get a qualification?

There is no final ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ grade on [re]start and you won’t receive a formal qualification after completing it. In most cases this shouldn’t affect your ability to gain employment. The vast majority of employers that we work with simply want to see that you can do the job – qualification or not. The accepted route to do this is to develop an impressive portfolio and excel during the interview process. However, we’ll be able to provide you with a certificate to mark your achievements.

Is there an age limit?

We accept applicants who are at least 18 years old. We have in the past worked with people 16-17, but this is on a discretionary basis and there’s lots more we need to check and think about if we do this. If you are 16+ and wondering if [re]start is right for you, please get in touch to talk through it.

In terms of an upper age limit, we believe you can start a career at any age. We have lots of experience helping people re-train for a career in the creative and digital industries.

How will you get me a job?

We have an extensive contacts list of local and national employers in the creative and digital industries who we’re in touch with regularly. Lots of these employers are constantly looking for bright new talent to employ and ask us regularly if we have anybody that might fit with their organisation.

As part of the [re]start course we’ll help put you in touch with these employers and do our very best to prepare you for an interview or a chat with them.

How much will I get paid in the Creative & Digital Industries?

We’ve talked about this more in-depth in one of our articles: How much does a graduate web designer get paid in 2018?

What happens after I apply?

You’ll be invited to meet us at the DMC for a chat. Typically, this will include you bringing some materials that demonstrate your aptitude for the course – we want to make sure we’re right for you and you’re right for us. This may be some work you’ve done in the past – some people have a portfolio – or something we ask you to do in preparation for the meeting, such as a small piece of work or the completion of an online tutorial. If everything goes well we’ll take your deposit at, or around the time of, the meeting.

What happens if I start the course and I don’t like it?

We won’t let you get that far!

Our interview process is detailed, and we’ll let you know exactly what to expect on our [re]start course before you start. If we feel that we need multiple interviews with you before you start the course we’ll do that too. If we think you’re not ready for the course we’ll tell you, and advise that you take one of evening courses.

Do you offer finance?

Not at the moment, but we’re constantly looking at ways to ease the financial burden of the course, so please keep checking back.

Do I need my own laptop?

Yes, and we don’t mind if it’s a Mac or PC. Please check the Adobe website for the specifications needed to run Creative Cloud which should give you an indication of the kind of machine you need. If in doubt, please clarify with us.

Do you offer scholarships?

We offer scholarships on a discretionary basis and depending on the number of full-cost students in each cohort. Places are not completely free – but do offer a considerable saving on the headline cost of [re]start – and are calculated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you would like to be considered for a scholarship. You will be required to supply supporting evidence.