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Learn the Web launch [re]start

Barnsley, UK – 19/11/18: Barnsley-based Learn the Web are looking to open up job opportunities into the web industry with the launch of their brand new 14-week course, [re]start. In contrast to traditional education, the course has been designed to replicate the demands of industry with a full-time, five day a week course.

Whilst the Creative & Digital sector continues to move quickly and create new jobs, the UK is currently experiencing a “digital skills crisis”. Statistics by O2 & Development Economics suggests that the UK will need 745,000 additional workers with digital skills to meet the rising demand from employers¹. The digital skills gap is costing the UK economy an estimated £63 billion a year in the lost potential for additional GDP².

To meet this demand, Learn the Web has created an innovative 14-week course called [re]start which is designed to get people into jobs quicker than traditional education, but without sacrificing the quality of the graduate. The course was borne from a partnership between higher education professional Steve Smith and digital agency owner Craig Burgess after they both became disillusioned with traditional education methods.

The course uses a unique ’live’ curriculum which is kept up-to-date in conjunction with a large network of employers and alumni. Their knowledge helps to inform a series of practical projects which progressively develop skills and confidence. Students are taught how to design, code and market websites, giving them a set of core skills that are adaptable to meet the diverse needs of potential employers.

Craig Burgess, Co-founder of Learn the Web said:
“There’s lots of opportunity in the Creative & Digital sector. Traditional education can’t fill the demand and isn’t producing the right quality of graduate. We have a serious skills gap and our industry is being held back as a result. [re]start will help to begin to turn the tide on that.”

Steve Smith, Co-founder of Learn the Web added:
“This isn’t just another coding bootcamp. It’s a course designed to target a real problem that the Creative & Digital sector currently faces: getting multi-skilled employees that can work in the agency environment. Our focus is creating well-rounded employees that can slot straight into a job.”

The first cohort of [re]start starts in January 2019 at the Barnsley Digital Media Centre. More information can be found at https://www.learntheweb.co.uk/restart

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About Learn the Web

Founded by Craig Burgess and Steve Smith in 2018, Learn the Web aims to change people’s lives for the better by teaching them the Creative & Digital skills that their individual circumstances require.

Learn the Web offers courses ranging from survival training for ‘digital muggles’ through to their headline programme – [re]start – which transforms the long term employment prospects of its participants and prepares them for a truly rewarding career.