Steve and Craig didn’t just teach me how to design and build websites, they gave me the confidence to apply for a job as a Front-end developer whilst still studying. I wouldn’t have done that by myself.

Steve taught me how to learn and how to play to my strengths. Craig taught me all about content management systems which was vital in my first job.

I was struggling to learn by myself, I lacked motivation and structure. Steve and Craig gave me the structure I needed and helped me develop the skills that the design and development industry are needing. What I was taught was current and relevant and as soon as I entered the industry, I was equipped and prepared.

It isn’t just about learning HTML, CSS or Javascript. It’s the soft skills and knowing how to learn that are needed. They both provided a community that was incredibly important and helped give me the confidence I needed to grow.

Being among other students and learning together was an experience I’ll never forget. We all helped each other grow.

I have no doubt if it weren’t for Steve and Craig, I wouldn’t be in the industry now.